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Allison Hudson lives and works in Philadelphia. She holds a BA in Asian Studies from Vassar, and has studied painting and sculpture at the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill) and ceramic sculpture in the MFA program at the University of Arizona. She went on to pursue creative careers including a ten-year stint as an entrepreneur and nationally recognized cake designer. In 2020, Hudson re-dedicated herself to her work as a professional artist. Since then, she has participated in juried group shows, been published in Fiber Art Now and ArteMorbida, and developed a growing group of collectors worldwide. In 2024, Allison had her first solo show at the Francis McCray Gallery at Western New Mexico University and will be attending the Pouch Cove residency in Newfoundland, Canada.


Artist’s Statement

I sculpt, paint, and draw, moving between disciplines in a way that is not consciously interconnected but integral to my practice. My work is tactile yet fragile – a combination of unfired clay, wool, fabric, resin, dry pigment, and wax. It’s important for me to touch and mold my work, to leave a personal imprint on each piece. Driven to manipulate raw materials into something new and unrecognizable, I enjoy the physicality of building, tearing apart, and mending together — striving to create work that is at once ethereal and visceral.​

Cycles, the blur between beginnings and endings, and the emergence of growth from decay are concepts that have been a constant fascination for me. My current work focuses on the exploration of metamorphosis. I use imagery that suggests elements of the human form including hair, skin, and bones – or that which can be lost, sloughed off, become broken, and then regenerate over time. The fundamental shape of an egg or pod serves as the starting structure in many of my works. At the beginning of the cycle the pod is full and fertile. After transformation, it’s empty but open – only a shell, husk, or cocoon remains. It’s my inner world that inspires my art. As I reflect on these cycles of change, I hope that I’m able to create a space for the viewer that invites contemplation.


IG: @allisonhudsonart

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