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About Us

In March 2011, photographer Kenny White created the City Arts Salon to provide an alternative exhibition space for artists in all different phases of their careers who do not have exclusive relationships with galleries.  Originally located in the Fishtown/West Kensington section of Philadelphia, the CAS is now hosted in Kenny’s spacious Germantown studio. In a relaxed, unpretentious atmosphere, artists, community members, patrons, and collectors meet and have an opportunity to network with one another.  

Two-person exhibitions have become a specialty of the CAS.  Artist pairings are selected for work that is aesthetically complimentary (but not duplicative) and creates an interesting visual dialogue for the viewer.  We also like to bring together artists who have diverse followings so that participants can interact with new connections (artist-to-artist and artist-to-patron), and broaden their collector base. Fostering this kind of community-building where artists can exchange creative energy is essential to our mission.

In addition to visual arts of all kinds, the City Arts Salon presents a wide variety of performing artists, including musicians, poets, vocalists, and dancers. As one CAS patron says, “It’s like going to a really great party at your friend’s house where you can buy the art off the walls.” 

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