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Daniel López Venture is a photographer and mixed-media artist based in New York. His photographs are complex visual structures. The simultaneity of various images is a bold challenge to the viewer. Informed by his background in dance, choreography and short films, all disciplines linked to time-limited discourse and space topology, his images move in multiple, changing spaces. Figures and backgrounds interchange in kaleidoscopic simultaneity, without ever stopping or defining themselves; his objects and characters penetrate each other in ambiguous time sequences. The images do not resemble the world of external appearances, however, there are stories to be revealed and meaning to be found in multiplicity and synchronization.              

A provocateur creating poetry out of images, Venture operates in the vacuum between reality and imagination, between causality and hazard. His visual scenes are the sum of a highly charged collection of erotic imagery, art appropriation, and painting experiences organized in a new space that describes a world beyond the realm of comfortable realities or conventional appropriateness. In an era of self-censorship, where the most shared interaction is the “like” ♥ and the frank interchange of ideas is quickly disappearing, he aims to challenge our sensibilities by exposing the gap between our internal dialogues and the manifested ones, causing us to openly discuss what most keep well hidden from others.

IG: @danielventure

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