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Albert Fung is a Philadelphia-based artist and art educator, originally from San Francisco. He holds a BFA in Printmaking from Rochester Institute of Technology and an MFA in Painting and Printmaking from Massachusetts College of Art. Fung has been producing artwork in oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, intaglio, lithography, and digital imaging, for over thirty years. His images ring like a bell, shock like the new, and bother like memory – like remembering what you forgot you never knew. His work is kinesthetic and synesthetic: a sensation of color leaves a taste in one’s mouth; pictorial rhythms land like body blows.

Fung has exhibited widely on the east coast, including at LGTripp Gallery, Roger LaPelle Galleries, Boston Street Gallery, and the City Art Salon in Philadelphia, and at Art-O-Mat Gallery, OZANEAUX, Ltd, Climate Gallery, and Laumont Editions Gallery in New York.


Artist’s Statement

I draw with the attention of a lover; I tune my body like a radio. It is as much listening as doing, like writing a novel with a Ouija board. The image is summoned from below as though I were kneeling in a river panning for gold.  

My work arrives less from a master plan than from fragments that emerge from the bottom and wake up. All these fragments pinned to my walls and languishing in drawers are like millions of cicada nymphs chewing away underground, one day rising up into the branches to sing as one. These fragments in their incongruence, rather than being strange, are strangely familiar.  

What you see is not so much what I see but rather my experience of seeing. Seeing emanates from behind the visible. The light energy flowing from back to front is the true subject of my work. My works burrow through this darkness. At the same time, your gaze careens to and fro to greet it.  We find one another in this waltz.



IG: @smudgypics

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