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Francis Beaty

Francis Beaty is a contemporary installation artist, painter and sculptor living in the Manayunk section of Philadelphia. Abstract, conceptual, free-flowing, organic and cerebral, she is known for attempting new things - taking disparate elements and bringing them together. Given the current social-political climate, it has become increasingly important to Beaty to create work that bridges the gaps across different perspectives and facilitates relational dialogue. She creates engaging art that explores spontaneity, imperfection, and chance. This evolving process is in line with her philosophical, ethical, and imaginative ideals. Her goal is to transform a space into an energized environment that transports the viewer (participant) from the unfocused everyday gaze into a dimension of discovery. Her installations are three-dimensional drawings, using linear materials, such as fencing and wire, to define space and form. The ephemeral quality of each construction reminds the viewer of the temporary nature of their own life and condition.

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