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Anthony Johnson

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Anthony Johnson is native of Atlantic City currently residing in Collingswood, New Jersey. Johnson is a self-taught artist, which affords him a sense of freedom and allows him to feel comfortable sharing his vision of his own creativity. His paintings reflect and use elements of neo-expressionism and real-life reference, especially memories created through life experiences and stages of growth. He describes his work as “street art with a story.” Most of Johnson’s paintings and murals use mixed media of oil, acrylic, and spray paint, and many pieces are varnished or coated with resin to give layers of different textures. 

The father of three children, he considers himself extremely blessed to have a family while also enjoying quality time painting. Johnson has exhibited throughout New Jersey and in New York City. “Revelation” at the City Arts Salon marks his debut exhibition in Philadelphia.


IG: @anthonyjohnson_arts

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