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David Callaway


David Callaway is a Philadelphia-based, self-taught abstract artist. In his mixed media work, Callaway uses a process of conscious and unconscious mark-making to reveal the conflicting dichotomy of natural instincts and control, the push and pull of conscious and subconscious impulses. Experimenting with new techniques and ways to communicate ideas through imagery, he creates work that reflects the actions in life. Callaway’s portfolio might be described as conversations and windows, not windows to the outside world, but a window to one’s inner self. The impetus of his work is always an attempt to create a lasting moment, to reflect an interconnectedness with the web of life, and a desire to move others to look more deeply at the natural world.   


The paintings included in “Revelation” at the City Arts Salon are from his latest series, “A Change in Perspective.” This new body of work continues to explore the relationship between the conflict of expressing natural instincts and control. The themes represent perceptions of blotches analyzed using psychological interpretations of controlled and uncontrolled movements, displayed on canvas, to be interpreted.

IG: @davidcallawayart

FB: @davidcallawayart

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